At Red Dirt International Film Festival we’re excited about movies! We strive to educate, promote, and entertain through film. RDFF is celebrating its third-year!

During its 3-day run October 8th through the 10th (Thurs. through Sat.), 2015, we will feature many films, from full-length movies and documentaries, short films and music videos from filmmakers both local and worldwide. In years’ past we’ve featured films from all seven continents, including Antarctica! Festival directors Damon and Marisa formed the event to educate area-youth, bring more inspiration, culture, and entertainment to central Oklahoma, as well as to enliven people of all ages through the united power of the film medium.

Stillwater, the birthplace of Oklahoma, is the launchpad for a number of other amazing things such as Eskimo Joe’s restaurant,The All-American Rejects, Garth Brooks, Red Dirt Music, Oklahoma State University, and actors such as James Marsden, and Gary Busey. The name of the fest is so-called because of central-Oklahoma’s uniquely-colored earth.

Executive Director, Damon, is a college film professor and filmmaker. Programming Director Marisa is in her genius with event-coordinating and management, and is the instrumental charm balancing out Damon’s earnestness with her down-to-Earth practicality, humor, and natural-charisma with all those whom she meets. Together we make an unstoppable team whose primary purpose is to give back to the local community and the world entire, through helping to spread the positive messages of inspiration we can all find in the world around us.

From Damon and Marisa, we thank YOU for your interest, and look forward to seeing you at our festival!