This is just a list; trailers and links will be added closer to the festival.


NS – Narrative Short          DS/DF – Documentary               OK- Oklahoma      

NF – Narrative Feature      DF – Documentary Feature         Animated            

HS – High School

Title Genre
21 Guns NS
Accidental Tear, An NS
Adventures of Malia, The HS
American Road DF
American Tradition, An NS
Around The World in 80 Days Animated
As It Is In Heaven: A Divinely Twisted Comedy NS
Bra’d Squad NS
Cart, The NS
Case of Evil, The NS
Cat’s Cradle, The NS
Chance to Dress, A DS
Cheerleader, The NS
Collectables NS
Consolation Prize NS
Conversation with a Cigarette NS
Cook, The NF
Culpability NS
Daddy NF
Daddy’s Little Girl NS
Dance for Two DS
Descending NS
Emotional Dimensions of the James River, The HS
Fear NS
Film That Changed The World, The DF
Fixed NS
Funeral School DS
Future Perfect, The NS
Getaway, The NS
Golden Bowl of Tawakoni Texas, The NS
Hunting in Wartime DF
Hyena’s Blood NS
In The Dark HS
Indefinite NF
Innocence Lost: Stories from Children of the Holocaust DS
June, Adrift NF
Ketetapan NS
Lapwing NS
Last Day of Winter, The NF
Last Performance, The NS
Lawn Duel NS
Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man, The NF
List, The NS
Little’s, The NS
Looking Up Looking Down NS
Love is a Circus NS
Lure, The NS
Mannish Boy NS
Mekko NF
Minute Man HS
Mortal Dilemma NS
Mousse NS
Movie Magic NS
My Father’s Vietnam DF
My Sister’s Photo NS
NextStepRun! DS
OLD TREE, THE Animated
Paths We Walk DS
Pint NS
Pioneers, The NS
Policy of Truth NS
Propinquity NS
Radio NS
Red Thunder NS
Right Person For the Job, The NS
Ronnie BoDean NS
Rusty Nails NS
Skid NF
Slow Wave NS
Spent A Year There One Knite DS
Sprint to the Past NS
Stockholm NS
Tempest HS
Tempus Fugit NF
Theater, The HS
Thundercluck Animated
TICK TOCK Animated
Trapped NF
Treehouse, The NS
Unbreachable NS
Unlikely Family DF
Violet NF
We Are Rom3 NS
What an Idiot NF
Wildlike NF
Wiley Post – The World’s First Astronaut DS
Windsor NF
Youth HS